Who benefits from agropastoral counselling?

Target audience

Agropastoral counselling targets family farmers and their organizations (farmers, livestock farmers, fishermen, etc.).
It primarily targets the vast majority of producers in Cameroon whose resources are not enough to pay for counselling services.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, the prospective recipient must meet the following criteria:

Main criterion

The PCP-ACEFA programme seeks to achieve growth, employment and to fight against poverty and as such is mainly targeted towards:

Small and medium-sized family farm enterprises engaged in agriculture and / or livestock farming as their main income generating activity whether they belong to a producer organization or not.

New : It is no longer mandatory to be a member of a PO. Informal groups can be formed to be followed-up collectively by a counsellor. Such informal groups are not considered as POs but as groups of FAFs.

Specific criteria

1. Grassroots producer organizations (CIGs, Cooperatives)

• Have at least five (5) adult members who meet the primary criterion
• The majority of members should comply with the primary criterion

Note: POs restricted to a household / home, parents and minor or related children are not eligible. Members can benefit from collective counselling within a group of FAFs.

2. Level two and three organizations (Unions, Federations)

• Should have at least two (2) member organizations and fifty (50) core members. The majority of core members should meet the primary criterion
• The PO should have an economic purpose offering supportive services for production, supply, processing, storage, marketing to members and users.

3. Family Agro-pastoral farm enterprises (FAFs)

• Farms meeting the main criterion, whether or not they belong to an organization

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