What to do to become a beneficiary?

How to apply for counselling?

To access counselling services, you should forward a written application and a file to the Divisional Technical Unit (DTU):

  • Composition of the application file to be submitted by POs

1- For all POs

 A written and reasoned request from the legal representative,
 A copy of the registration certificate,
 Minutes of the constituent general assembly and list of founding members,
 Nominative list of current core members,
 Description of services rendered to members and users (support for production, storage, processing, and marketing).

2- Add any other relevant information! For POs with less than 15 core members

 number of households alongside their composition: names, ages and relationship,
 list of main lines of production of core members and annual quantities sold by each of them,

3- Add any other relevant information! Level two and three POs should provide:

 A copy of the registration certificates and minutes of membership of the member POs.

  • Composition of the application file for FAFs

• A written and motivated request,
• Composition of the household (names, ages, relationship) and number of workers on the farm,
• principal place of residence, telephone number,
• main lines of production intended for sale and quantities produced annually,
• total annual cultivated area and number of animals per category.

  • Selection of application files

The application files are examined by the Divisional Counselling Committee.

Note: Incomplete files shall not be treated.

When a complete file is received, a preliminary diagnosis is conducted to verify the declarations and establish its eligibility.
After the preliminary diagnosis, if the applicant is declared eligible by the Divisional Counselling Committee, he will start receiving counselling services.

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