Training of Counselors

Challenges of the training

The training programme should:

• Replace the large number of retired workers (more than 20% of the workers are expected to retire in the next 5 years) by recruiting young graduates;

• Raise the general skill level;

• Develop a specific training and engineering capacity;

• Bring a change in the management.

  • Training of experts in counselling

Counsellors and officers are trained in counselling by international experts in order to:

• provide training for old and new counsellors,
• adjust the counselling services to adapt them to the demands and needs of farms and POs.

  • Continuous training

Continuous training enables counsellors to adapt to the logic of the services to be implemented during this new phase and to the new computer applications. It also makes it possible for the counsellors to improve their skills so that they can work effectively with the producers.
The building of the capacity of counsellors in production techniques is essential to develop real expertise in the strategic sub-sectors.

The Programme will use local or international experts in certain technical fields to train the specialised counsellors.

  • "Initial" training

Newly recruited counsellors are trained in different counselling professions.

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