Professional Organization

The professional organization, a development actor

The aim of the Programme’s strategy is to create "social capital" by contributing to the organization of the agricultural sector through economic producers’ organizations that play the role of operator in the produce sub-sectors and organizations with a general vocation of representation and advocacy.

Structuring around the sub-sectors

To develop, the agricultural sector needs to be structured around the produce sub-sectors at different territorial levels.
This structuring cannot be decreed, but it can be accompanied.
Indeed, the sustainability of producer organizations depends essentially on the need to act collectively and to structure itself progressively around shared interests.

Umbrella organizations associated with steering and co-management

PLANOPAC National Platform of Professional Agro-pastoral Organizations of Cameroon
CAPEF Chamber of Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock and Forestry
ANCC National Association of Cocoa and Coffee Producers
IPAVIC Cameroon Poultry Interprofession
UNEXPALM National Union of Palm oil producers

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