Producer organizations (POs) with an "economic" purpose

For the Programme, economic producer organizations are considered as enterprises that provide services to their members and users (non-members) by carrying out the following activities:
supporting production (collective production and delivery of services),
grouped supplies (purchase of goods to "sell" to members).
Warning: the activities of members on their farms are not the activities of the PO.
Indeed, POs are designed to help their members by carrying out activities that enable the members to save money, have access to production resources and markets, sell at better prices, etc. (e.g. obtaining quality planting material and breeding animals easily, mechanising field works, facilitating harvesting, processing, bulk sales and purchases, etc.).
The "services rendered" may be:
• direct (e.g. sale of cocoa seedlings, hiring of a rotary tiller),
• indirect (e.g. collective farm intended to generate income for the PO with which to cover its running costs).

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