Phase 3 : Consolidation and sustainability

This phase goes from mid 2017 to 2022

Financing: FCFA 62.3 billion on C2D

Total coverage of the national territory.

  • 1990 Counselors
  • A total of 350,000 agropastoral farms affected by the counselling through:
    - 19,500 basic groups accompanied,
    - 9,300 groups of producers belonging to non legalized groups and accompanied on specific productions,
    - 520 level two organizations accompanied,
    - 2,900 individual farms monitored in management,
    - 45 medium and large farms with specific services.
    - 820 productive investment projects to be funded for approximately 3.5 billion FCFA.

Creation of the National agropastoral counselling Agency / 2022

At the end of the third phase, it is planned to create a "National agropastoral counselling Agency " financed by parafiscal taxes, the state through the salaries of civil servants and donors.

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