Organisation of the set-up

Operational Units: Divisional Technical Units

The counselling system covers the entire national territory with about 2000 counsellors working in 56 Divisional Technical Units (DTUs) attached to the Divisional Delegations of MINADER or MINEPIA.

The person in charge is the Head of the Divisional Technical Unit. He is assisted by the technical and economic counselling officer.

Joint-management with producers

At the divisional level

The system is jointly managed by representatives of producers and those of the Ministries of Agriculture and of Livestock within the Divisional supportive counselling committee (CODEC).
CODEC’s role is to select beneficiaries, evaluate counselling services and suggest ways of improving them to better meet the needs of farm enterprises and farmer organizations.
Producers are represented by specialised national or regional umbrella producers’ organizations per sector and by the National Platform of Professional Agropastoral Organizations of Cameroon.

At the local level

Local Groups Committees (LGCs) are made up of the beneficiaries of counselling (1 counsellor = 1 Committee). They meet to share information, schedule visits, evaluate counselling services, etc.

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