The Programme for the Consolidation and Sustainability of Agropastoral Counselling, PCP-ACEFA, is the continuation of the ACEFA Programme. It has three objectives:

To improve the income of family farm enterprises by consolidating and improving the public agropastoral counselling system;

To modernise the production apparatus (equipment, buildings, infrastructure) by financing investment projects of producer organizations;

To institutionalise the agropastoral counselling system through the creation of an agency jointly-managed by the Profession and the State and strengthen the representation capacity of producers, so that they participate actively in the consultation, management and conduct of development activities and in the design of agricultural policies.

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ACEFA est un Programme du Gouvernement camerounais, placé sous la tutelle du Minader et du Minepia.

Localisation Avenue Jean Paul II, Yaoundé Cameroun
Tel./Fax : +237 222 203 648
BP : 4081 Yaoundé
Email : contact@acefa.cm
Site Web : http://www.acefa.cm
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