How is the Agropastoral counselling realised?

  • Support procedures

Counselling can be provided in the form of regular follow-up during the year and / or in the form of short, one-off interventions.

In future, within the framework of the future National Agropastoral Counselling Agency, one-off paid services (business counselling) may be provided to farm enterprises that do not correspond to the economic profile of the target group of the Programme.

  • Collective counselling

Counselling is mainly provided collectively for financial cost reasons.
In order to reach a maximum of interested and motivated producers to improve the impact, access to counselling is open to organized or non-organized family farm enterprises that meet the criteria of the Programme.

  • Individual counselling

The observatory of family farms is made up of a sample of more than 3,000 farms representing the various production systems within a given territory.
Farm enterprises receive individual counselling.
The Observatory generates references that are indispensable for counselling and the agricultural policy.

  • Contractualisation of services

In case of eligibility, and if the counsellors’ portfolios are not saturated, a counsellor shall conduct an in-depth diagnosis to determine the services that are adapted to the applicant’s situation. A short-term performance contract (lasting at most 12 months) shall be proposed with an action plan to bind the client and the counsellor.

At the end of the contract, an evaluation shall be made to assess the efforts and the results. The findings of the evaluation shall condition the possibility of pursuing the assistance with a new performance contract.

  • Duration of the follow-up

The follow-up is limited to a period of three years in order to satisfy the pending requests and reach a maximum number of producers.

  • Evaluation of services by the beneficiaries

Various arrangements have been envisaged for the beneficiaries to give their assessments with a view to constantly improving the quality of the service.

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