Funding productive investment projects

What does the Programme fund and why?

Medium and long-term loans are almost non-existent. This is a major shortcoming for the modernization of agriculture.

This is why the Programme subsidises producer organizations to implement their investment projects in order to generate income for their members and for the organizations themselves.

The Programme only finances investments, that is, equipment, buildings, and facilities for the development of production (crops and livestock), procurement, processing, and marketing activities.
The results expected from the implementation of the projects are:
-  an increase in producers’ incomes,
-  Improvement of productivity and reducing the drudgery of work (mechanization),
-  Enhancement of product value (reduction of post-harvest losses, processed products),
-  development of producers’ organizations with an economic development mandate (support for production, supply, storage, processing, marketing, etc.)
-  job creation upstream and downstream of production,
-  integration into the financial circuits.

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