Agropastoral Counselling

Family agriculture faces several constraints that undermine the farmers’ activities from production to marketing. This is why agropastoral counselling must tackle all the technical, financial, economic and organizational challenges facing producers.

1. Assistance in decision-making

Producers need information to make the right choices and improve their income.
To achieve this, the counsellor helps them to:
• improve their production techniques;
• calculate their economic results;
• analyse the profitability of their activities;
• calculate their financing capacity;
• find market outlets;
• design viable and profitable projects.

2. Towards a sustainable agriculture

Agropastoral counselling must mainstream environmental and social concerns:
• good agricultural practices aimed at enhancing the health of producers and consumers and preserving the environment,
• agro-ecology, organic agriculture, conservation agriculture, etc.
• women and young people.
To this end, a proactive approach is adopted to encourage the support of the producers involved in these approaches and develop skills on these themes.

3. Counselling is a profession

Agropastoral counselling is a fully-fledged profession that should diversify and gradually assume all its importance in the agricultural development policies.

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